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Focus Group Application

We are constantly working with Focus Groups in order to create the most elegant and exciting products that women want to buy. If you would like to participate in a Focus Group, either online or in person in your area, please fill out this form and let us know a little about yourself, and we will email you some information about our next Focus Group.

Focus Groups Now Organizing:
February 2010 Clutch Group #49 - Dallas, TX - CLOSED
February 2010 Perfume Group #3 - Dallas, TX - CLOSED
April 2010 Perfume Group #7 - Free sample USA only / Online review & response - CLOSED
August 2010 Perfume Group #8 - Free sample USA only / Online review & response - CLOSED

Important Note:

If you own one of our products but have not yet added yourself to our Registry, please do so now before filling this out, otherwise you might end up getting duplicate emails!
Background Information
First Name: Last Name:
Street Address:
Street (continued):
City: State: Zip/Postal Code:
EMail Address
This will be used as your unique registration identification
Focus Group Selection
What kinds of focus groups would you like to participate in?
What type of Focus Group would you participate in? I would only participate from home, either by having products mailed to me, or by viewing photos online and making my comments via the Internet
I might attend a focus group meeting in a nearby major city
What products would you like to review for us? Handbags Fragrances Accessories (belts, wallets, etc.)
Are you willing to let us use a photograph of you in connection with the focus group?
Please let us know a little about yourself, what kinds of purses you look for, and your buying habits. This will help us know your qualifications for being in a focus group.
Number of handbags bought in past 12 months
Highest price ever paid for a handbag $
What is your threshold of pain? (what?)
How many handbags do you use regularly?
How do you feel about Designer Labels and Logos?
Who is/are your favorite Designer(s)?
How carefully do you look for wallets, belts, and shoes that match a particular handbag?
Do you prefer your handbags to be more functional, or more pretty?
Opinions of "exotic" skins such as Alligator and Python
Opinion of genuine leather in your handbag (exotics?)
In your own words, what do you look for in a handbag and other fashion accessories?
Age Group

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